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Drake Shows Super Bowl High Rollers How It’s Done

The spectacle that is Super Bowl continues to grow in glamor and grandeur with each passing year.

Advertising revenue rises on an annual basis, with the limited nature of air time minutes meaning that they come at a premium. Ticket prices are forever on the rise, with there only so many people who can be squeezed in even when venues are as big as SoFi Stadium.

Viewing figures did dip slightly in 2021, but they came storming back for a Los Angeles showpiece as over 112 million tuned in across the United States to watch the hometown Ramsedge out the Cincinnati Bengals23-20 - 这些数字在12个月的空间内接近1600万。

Merchandise remains big business across the globe, while more wagers are now being placed than ever before. That is due to the growing trend of legalized sports betting across America, with 11 new states welcomed to that particular table last year.


The New England region is yet to get on board, as Patriots supporters look for their side to come back into contention for the grandest of prizes in a post-Tom Brady era, but things are said to be heating up in that part of the world.马萨诸塞博斯特的应用程序are in the pipeline, but a green light is still being waited on. Once that is given, then a window to the world will be thrown open. Loyalty programs and odds boosts will be freely available across the entire sporting spectrum, with NFL set to figure prominently alongside NBA, MLB and NHL.

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Plenty took that plunge before, during and after Super Bowl LVI in Inglewood, with some famous names adding their opinions to a mountainous pot. Among those was Canadian rapper Drake, with a close friend of Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr nailing his colors to a royal blue and gold mast.

He seriously rolled the dice with bets of $600,000 on the Rams to win, $500,000 on Beckham to score a touchdown and a further half a million on a pink-haired WR achieving 62.5 receiving yards – with onlyan untimely injuryto OBJ denying him a clean sweep.

Drake has shown how it should be done, with fellow high roller Mattress Mack placing the largest mobile wager in sports history when backing the Bengals to the tune of $4.5 million. On the day, a Grammy Award-winning artist topped a Gallery Furniture owner.

Similar battles are to be expected in the years to come, with fans of the Pats ready to join the fold as they cling to dreams of seeing Bill Belichick inspire another run towards the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and NFL numbers appear set to continue heading in one direction across the board.

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