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Baseball has always been different from other professional sports becauselocal TV revenues是显着的。他们很大,因为他们可以为广播公司提供大量内容 - 162场比赛,在MLB与16场职业足球比赛中。但现在我们了解到一个具有平等收入分布在棒球的广播流是互联网广播。

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The most successful, and most valuable, franchise in baseball in the last few years isn't the New York Yankees or their rivals, the Boston Red Sox.

根据投资银行的资金银行,它的主要联盟棒球高级媒体(其两支深层港口)的高级媒体最长的价值高于这两个深刻的口袋团队 - 估计是20亿美元至25亿美元。

And because of the success of and other parts of MLBAM, the advantage that the Yankees, Red Sox and other rich teams have over the have-nots could shrink, eventually.

它可能不会发生在5年或10年,但是in 20 years, MLBAM could make the sport the share-the-wealth socialist paradise that has been long entrenched in the National Football League.


I'm a user of the MLB's TV streaming videostreaming video, paying $29 for a full year of games last year. Until September, I only watched my team, the Red Sox, but found myself watching many other games as pennant races heat up. Undoubtedly the bigger market teams are the biggest draws to online content, but as the article states, "Once there's an agreement to split the money evenly, it's tougher for the big market teams to back out."

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