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Great Activities to Pass the Lull Moments of Any Sports Game

Sports fans are no stranger to the lull moments during a game. Whether it be a rain delay, timeout, or just an overall slow game, there are times when nothing much is happening on the field. Here are some great activities to help pass the time during those lull moments of any sports game.


Play some music

This is agreat wayto get other fans involved in the game. There are many places online where you can download or request playlists specific to certain sports teams. You can also just play any type of music that you like, but it works best when other fans start singing along to their favorite songs.


This is another activity that is easy to do when you're bored watching the game. You can also ask people around you if they want to read it with you. There are plenty of sports-themed books out there, or just pick up a random one at the local bookstore.


This is an activity that is good for someone who likes to draw or is creative. Draw something, from just random doodles to elaborate drawings of what you're expecting to happen in the next play.

Solve a crossword puzzle

This is another great activity for people who like to be creative. If you're in a group, you can even challenge each other with different crossword puzzles. This works best when there are lulls in the game and if you have multiple sports magazines around.

Organize a team trivia

Most sports fans like having fun with their team. This activity is great for people who want to test their knowledge of the players and coaches on their team or just general trivia about the sport they're watching. For example, if you're a fan of baseball and theNew York Yankees, you could learn some interesting facts about them and put them in a quiz. Just pick a time limit and go around asking questions. You can also play it in your head by yourself or with other people sitting near you.

Complain about the lulls

Some people like to pass the time by sharing their opinions with each other. If you're not alone while watching a game, this can be a great way to vent your frustrations and make fun of the situation happening in the game. Just make sure you don't do it too much or get too offensive because you might upset other fans around you.

Grab a quick drink or snack

You don't want to get up and wander off during one of those lull periods because you might miss something incredible happening. But you cangrab a quick drinkor snack without missing too much time. Or just sit back with your friends and enjoy some conversation that isn't about the game.

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Play online slots

Now, here's a great way to pass some time. Playing online slots is an awesome activity for those lull moments because you don't have to pay attention to anything else but the games, and you can play as long or as short as you'd like. Plus, there are so many different types of games that offer unique features.

Head toSlotsLVwhen you get bored during the game, and you're guaranteed to get your excitement levels back up, as it has multiple different slots to try, so the opportunities are endless.

Chat with your friends

Every moment doesn't have to be intense and in-depth. You can sit back, relax, and chat with your friends about anything that you want without missing too much of the game. This is perfect for when friends come together but aren't necessarily big sports fans themselves.

Watch replays on TV

If you're at the game, this is one of the best ways to pass the time because you get to relive all of the action. If something big happens, just wait for a commercial break and watch it on TV, so you're sure not to miss anything. Sometimes watching it more than once can be pretty funny too.

Make some food

Whether it's a tailgate party or you're at the stadium for the game, there are plenty of things that can be heated up and eaten as a quick snack. Or you can just eat some leftovers from earlier in the day if they still taste good. Either way, this is another great activity to pass the time and give your hands something to do.

Take a bathroom break

This is one of themost important things you can doduring the game, but it actually might be one of the hardest activities because there are so many people around, and you've got to find your way out of your seat without missing too much time. But, if you go before the game starts (and you're in the right kind of seat), then you shouldn't have to miss any action.

So, there are some great things that you can do during those lull moments at the game. Just don't get up and leave because these activities will help you stay involved until something exciting happens.

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